Blogs downtime and upgrade

Apologies to all who tried to access Jim‘s and mine blogs over the last couple of hours. I was doing maintenance work on our host server. We are now running on the RTM versions of .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 and Jim‘s blog is finally supported by the latest version of pblog, which means that he can now have an atom 1.0 feed and you can syndicate the comments on his blog if your aggregator supports CommentsRSS.

The fact that the version of .NET on my laptop is in sync with that on host server means that I can finally start deploying the implementation of some exciting ideas we have in store for you (well, at least I think they are exciting). I am hoping the Web folks would love them since no SOAP messages will have to be exchanged (if you can’t beat them, embrace them :-) This will happen only after we run the ideas on ‘Web overlays’‘Overlay Webs’ via few Web-savvy folks first. I’ll keep you posted.