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December 2005

Landed in Australia

Few hours ago I landed in Australia. It’s soooooooo nice to see Jim and Kath again! I missed them. I am staying for a couple of nights with them before the rest of their friends and family join us. I am then moving to an apartment by Bondi beach with some

Blogs downtime and upgrade

Apologies to all who tried to access Jim‘s and mine blogs over the last couple of hours. I was doing maintenance work on our host server. We are now running on the RTM versions of .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 and Jim‘s blog is finally supported updated

Woo hoo! The guys listened to my (and I am sure many others’) complaints and have improved the search user experience dramatically. Finally the search results occupy the entire browser surface. I am making it my default search engine now.

About Web/Grid Services convergence

I have probably already blogged about the “Web/Grid Services convergence” marketing song that the Grid community has been singing since the introduction of WSRF. Jim Alaterascomment in my last entry made me want to write about it again :-)

We wouldn’t even be talking about ‘convergence’

“OO sucks” :-)

I met Dominic for the first time last night over dinner. I enjoyed talking to him. He’s doing a PhD in “programming models for Web Services”. We didn’t get very much into the details but I believe that any programming support for WS will have to include constructs for asynchronous,

SCUBA diving

Wooo hooo! After 4 days of continuous diving (two 3-hour pool sessions and 4 dives in cold waters) I am now a certified SCUBA diver :-) I am hoping to practice my newly acquired skills very soon since I am going to be visiting Jim in Australia in a couple of weeks

Wow! I am not sure whether should have been released today (I thought it was going to be released tomorrow) but it seems to be reachable… Check out the bird’s eye views. Fantastic. This is building 42 at the Microsoft campus.

UPDATE: I am sorry. The service is

Snowing in Seattle

The surrounding mountains have been ready for skiing for few weeks now. Now it’s snowing in Redmond. I am sooooo looking forward to going skiing again.

It’s been crazy the last couple of weeks. The car arrived (it’s great… already done more than 1000 miles), I finally got a bed