This must be the fastest change of address :-)

So, in my last post I said that I had found an apartment to live. Well, today I went there to finalize the paperwork (I had already given them a deposit to hold the apartment). I go into the leasing office but both the leasing consultants were busy. One of them was on the phone talking with a tenant about her possible change of hearts with regards to leaving her current apartment. The guy tells her that someone has already rent it and that she should really make up her mind. During the conversation he mentions the apartment number; which as you might have guessed by now, it was the one I had paid for! At the end, the existing tenant decided to stay for another month which meant I had to start looking all over again since I didn’t really like the 1 bedroom alternative they suggested (it was actually smaller than the studio).

Panic! I only have few days of corporate accommodation left!

As I was walking back to my current apartment I thought of just getting into one of the buildings and ask whether they had available apartments to rent. As it turns out they did.

My new apartment, in the Centennial Tower and Court, is an 1 bedroom and of much better quality than the other one (for only a little bit more per month). So, I am happy again! Phew!