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November 2005

Interacting with Encarta via IM

This is pretty cool (via Chris Sells). You add as a contact in your MSN Messenger contacts list and then you can start interacting with Encarta. I started by issuing the following questions for which I got exactly the answers I was expecting:

  • I want to see

Rumesh Kumar Machap

I received a phone call from the UK early yesterday morning with sad news about the tragic death of my friend Rumesh. This is crazy, just crazy! I still can’t believe it.

Those who might have seen me presenting or mentioning the White Dwarfs application would have seen

Buying a TV

I got lots and good information/advice from all of you guys when I wanted to buy a car; many thanks again! So, I thought I’ll try this again but now for a HDTV.

I want to get a Plasma/LCD/DLP High Definition TV (getting ready for the xbox 360 :-). I am looking

WWW2006 Web Site affected by serious fire

This is from the WWW2006 Organisers

Due to a serious fire at the University of Southampton, UK, the website and mailing lists are temporarily unavailable. THE SUBMISSION PROCESSES have been unaffected by this fire, only information about the submission url, deadlines, tracks, document formatting etc has been affected.

It’s such a small world

I was at a party last night where I met few fellow Greeks (some of them working for Microsoft as well). As we were chatting and telling stories about our lives, we discovered that someone, who was not at the party, was also from my home city, Xanthi. Well,