What a day and decision on the car!

I had to go through the second phase of my Washington state driver’s license today. I took the theory test around 10 days ago.

I turn up at the Kirkland office of the Department of Licensing only to find out that I didn’t have the necessary insurance documentation. I still have a rental car and apparently I was missing a letter from Microsoft about my insurance. I apologized to the people there about not having the necessary documents. They were very helpful and tried their best to reschedule my test for as soon as possible. So, back to building 42… I sent a message to my relocation contact (who BTW has been fantastic throughout this process) and she immediately sent me the letter. So I call DoL to let them know that I have it (they told me to do so even though they had already rescheduled my test for November, just in case). The very nice gentleman who was helping me tells me that I can go through the test if I return there immediately, which of course I am happy to do.

On the way back and as I change from 520 to 405, something happens and all the cars have to break hard. I manage to stop just in time and the same happens with the van behind me. But I can see in my mirrors the car behind the van is not having luck with the breaks. He smashes on the van and then on the side wall :-( I stopped and checked the driver who was already out of the car and looking in great health and in good mood. That was close. Wouldn’t it be ironic if I had an accident on my way to my driver’s license test? :-)

So, I am now a proud owner of a driver’s license from the state of WA. Time to get a car! Some of you have asked me about my decision. Well, I test drove the Audi A3 with the Direct Shift Gearbox and I loved it. It’s like playing a game with those up/down gear shifts behind the steering wheel. It’s a great feeling to drive the car, it’s small, and it has the European style which I like. I understand what many of you said about Audi cars and the fact that it’s an expensive version of the Golf GTI but that’s the case in Europe and not here. The Golf GTI here is a very old model and not the one that is currently available in Europe. So, it’s the A3! After negotiating I have managed to get a good deal on it. Now I need to persuade the dealer to throw the iPod connector as a gift and we’ll be ready to roll :-)