Jim’s and my blogs were down

Hey all, apologies for the downtime (I don’t know how long the blogs were down). Our Windows Server 2003 got updated automatically at some point and rebooted itself. Unfortunately, since its previous reboot (long long time ago) I had changed the password of my domain account (on the network where the server hosting our blogs resides). Apparently SQL Server had stored my credentials when I installed it and needed them to be the same in order for its services to start. Hmmm… I guess I misconfigured it when I installed it. The temp solution was to change my password back to the old one.

Now, I am not an SQL Server expert so if anyone knows the solution on how to change my domain password and still have the SQL Server services starting up properly, I’d appreciate it any pointers. However, I can live with the temp solution for the moment given that the RTM versions of .NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 are going to be available very soon and a reinstall will be required anyway.

Thanks to Paul for letting me know about the downtime.

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