I am wayyyyy behind blog reading

1281 blog posts in my queue and counting! Doh!

I am having fun with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) at the moment. Chris is also having fun (“Workflow Communication Spelunking” and “More Workflow Communication Spelunking”) although he is not absolute crazy with the experience :-)

I’ll try to post some screenshots and code with what I am doing if I get the time. This house-hunting, car-buying, insurance-finding, Microsoft-training experience is really time-consuming :-)

BTW… I got Ian Griffiths‘ and Mr Sell‘s book today. I had already read the Appendix on XAML and it was great. Highly recommended!

Finally, Chris is asking about Web Services and binding. Well, those following this blog should know my views… we bind on the protocols and not on the endpoint+data. The truth is in the messages! As for data? Once data crosses the service boundary, it’s history! (Pat Helland: Data on the Outside vs Data on the Inside)