Good news about SSDL

We received note from IEEE Internet Computing that our paper on SSDL was accepted for publication in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue on “Asynchronous Middleware and Services”. The reviews were very good and constructive. We’ll have to make few changes which will hopefully make the paper even easier to read but this should be easy. I am very excited about this. Simon, Jim, and I are also working on an SC-focused SSDL chapter for an upcoming e-Science book on workflows. Now the focus will have to be on the MEST paper :-)

In the meantime, our Rules SSDL Protocol framework co-authors are making very good progress with their work. The HPTS attendees were very interested in their protocol consistency work (protocols and formal models for protocol description was one of the main motivations behind SSDL). Pat Helland was very supportive of this work. This made me very happy! Well done to Alan Fekete, Dean Kuo, and Paul Greenfield for this work. They are now thinking of combining the Rules and SC (Simon‘s pi-calculus-based work) protocol frameworks in order to create an even more powerful way of describing messaging behaviour. I am looking forward to their work.

I have started thinking (admittedly not intensively) about some more SSDL-related work. I’ll say more when I am ready. In the meantime, there are discussions in the SSDL mailing list about the possibility of Java-based implementations. It’d be very cool if the community works on Java tooling.

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