Art and footy @ Microsoft

Cool… I keep discovering new things that are going on around here. I just found out about the Microsoft art collection. They organize events with guests and exhibitions. This is sooo cool!!!

Yesterday I got myself in to a football team; the “Blind Squirrels” 6-a-side indoor soccer (grrr!) team :-)) My footy pals from Newcastle would be pleased to know that I am the main goalkeeper of the team (of course). My participation is a big unknown because the team hasn’t tested me yet and we have our first league game tomorrow evening. I’ll see what the level is going to be but I am confident I can do well. It is funny because, unlike Europe, the league organizers have all these rules about having to wear gloves, shinguards, appropriate shoes, etc. so I had to buy everything. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s game.

There are also all these events for the employees, fund raising opportunities, etc. It seems so far that this is a great environment to work in.

The day job so far has been very very interesting and exciting. Although it’s wayyyyy too soon to say whether the decision to come here was the right one, so far I am learning lots and lots and I am enjoying it (the lack of technical blog entries is due to the fact I am studying a lot; expect few soon… C# 3.0, LINQ, Workflow, XAML, etc.). I am also learning about the processes within Microsoft and how a product is managed and its delivery executed. So interesting! Finally, it’s a great feeling to be surrounded by so many clever people. Great stuff.

Feeling good helps with one’s creativity and ideas as well… Jim and I have been discussing so many new ideas and personal projects. I think one of them has a great potential to make an impact in the Blog/Web/Semantic web space. Stay tuned :-)

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