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October 2005

A new place to live

I’ve been spending the last couple of days searching for an apartment to live. I wanted to find something in the heart of Belltown but everything seemed so expensive. At the end I found a nice large studio on the top floor of Fountain Court. Its price was higher

Problems with Jim’s blog

This time it’s not my or our server’s fault. I think Jim has problems with his DNS registrar. He’s working on it so his blog should be up and running soon.

Car bought!

So, I bought the Audi A3 today (Lava Gray with a pearl effect and some extra options). My first ever car! Thank you to all of you who replied to my request for comments either on my blog or privately. Many many thanks!

I was thinking today about the changing

Jim’s and my blogs were down

Hey all, apologies for the downtime (I don’t know how long the blogs were down). Our Windows Server 2003 got updated automatically at some point and rebooted itself. Unfortunately, since its previous reboot (long long time ago) I had changed the password of my domain account (on the network where the

Art and footy @ Microsoft

Cool… I keep discovering new things that are going on around here. I just found out about the Microsoft art collection. They organize events with guests and exhibitions. This is sooo cool!!!

Yesterday I got myself in to a football team; the “Blind Squirrels” 6-a-side indoor soccer (grrr!) team :-)) My

RFC on cars :-)

Hey all… I need your help…

I am about to buy a car and in the next week or so I am planning to start the test drives. I like stylish, smallish, fun cars. Unfortunately the one that I really like (BMW Series One) is not available

Good news about SSDL

We received note from IEEE Internet Computing that our paper on SSDL was accepted for publication in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue on “Asynchronous Middleware and Services”. The reviews were very good and constructive. We’ll have to make few changes which will hopefully make the paper even easier to read but