Seattle, I am here!

I have finally arrived! After a looooong journey, which lasted around 40 hours, I am now settled in a fantastic building in downtown Seattle, “The Olympus”. I had noticed this building during my previous visits here because it looked like a nice place to live but didn’t know how it was called. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it was the building Microsoft is putting me for the next couple of months until I find my own place. Cool.

I am posting this via the free wireless network at the reception area. I’ll probably use this a lot until I get a connection in my flat.

Anyway, time for a walk, some dinner and then an early night to recover from the jet lag. Tomorrow is all about exploring the piers, getting some of the vibe, and plotting in detail my morning journey to the Microsoft campus on Monday morning.

BTW… Apologies for boring you with all these blog entries about my travels and move but it’s a very exciting time in my life and I am feeling like sharing :-) The technical entries will come again very soon. I promise!

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