One week in Seattle

A week has already gone! And it has been fantastic apart from the jetlag from which I have only now recovered (other times I traveled to the west coast it wasn’t this bad).

Today (Sunday) the weather was excellent. I was walking around the city all day.

Few silly tips if you ever decide to make such a move:

  • If you buy or already have Seattle travel or newcomer’s books, good for you. It shows that you are planning ahead and you want to prepare yourself for the change. However, DO NOT pack them with the rest of your books and belongings that the movers are bringing to you in few weeks time. They are of no use to you then!!! (doh!)
  • Not all electrical devices are like laptops. A plug adapter is not enough. Well, yeah… I already knew that but I still managed to buy the wrong power supply and burn my wireless router. Yes, I paid to fry my router!!!
  • Always smile to people; you make them want to smile back! :-) Everyone around here seems to be very nice.
  • If you are a technology maniac like me, get it out of your system as fast as possible. There was an issue with my account on Microsoft’s network, so I couldn’t get access to my project’s stuff immediately. That gave me the opportunity to look around, install and uninstall all these internal betas that MS has, and then bring my laptop back to its original state :-) At least I got it out of my system and now I am ready to get serious with work :-)

BTW… I had a very very brief look on Friday on the stuff my team is going to be doing. I am sooooo excited!


I forgot. Here’s another tip:

  • When the new version of iTunes comes out and you are travelling, it’s not a good idea to install it and decide to create a new music library because bad things may happen and you are not close to your data’s backup. I installed iTunes 5.0 when I was in London for a night and decided to start a new music library because I wanted to prepare for the next day (I was planning to buy a couple of CDs from the airport). Well, later that night I also needed to recharge my iPod which contained the 37GBs of ALL my CDs as MP3s. I didn’t pay attention to the iTunes warnings and as a result while the iPod was charging overnight (I had to leave my laptop on), iTunes was wiping out ALL 37GBs (it thought that I wanted my new empty library instead!!!). And where’s my backup? Inside a container and not arriving for few weeks yet. I do hope that the external disk with all my data will survive the journey, otherwise it’ll be really painful to rip all my CDs again!