Moving to Seattle

I’ve been very slow with blogging these days. Sorry all, I’ve been very busy with my move to Seattle and going out with friends and saying goodbyes. My last few days in Newcastle have been excellent. Even the weather was fantastic (I wasn’t expecting to ever say that for Newcastle :-)

Today the movers picked up my stuff and tomorrow I am flying to Seattle. I’ll be staying in downtown Seattle for the first couple of months. The entire relocation experience has been great so far.

I am not going to have an Internet connection at my new place for a week or so but I bet I’ll be able to find a Starbucks or two in Seattle :-) I am probably going to be busy with all those small things that must be done after a relocation (bank, credit cards, social security number, etc.) so expect the current blogging situation to continue for a little bit longer. After that, however, I promise to start talking about interesting and cool technology stuff again. Expect to hear more about the “Model-Constrained Service-Oriented Architecture” soon (something I’ve been working on lately with Dean Kuo and Jim).

I am starting with Microsoft on Monday. In the first couple of days I am going to be introduced to the Microsoft culture and then I will start work with my new team. Well, that’s what usually happens but in this case most of them are going to be in LA for this year’s PDC :-)

Next stop, Seattle!

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