I am blue (which means I got my MS ID)

Things are going great! The weather has been fantastic since I came (however, I am assured by those living here that it’s not always like this). The trip to/from work is very pleasant due to the fantastic landscape. I am still seriously jetlagged. Today I woke up at 6am (yesterday it was 5am) to come to work. Those who know me well, know how this is sooooo not me :-)

I now have an office and a machine that I am busy setting up. I have started to get to know people (at least those few who were left behind to guard the fortest since the rest are away having fun at the PDC in LA). Today I had lunch with some of the Web Services standards team. Very cool! Special thanks to Jorgen for making me feel very welcomed, introducing me to others, and showing me around. Also thanks to Geoff and Patrick for their help on getting me started. Everyone is so nice around here.

Continuing with the installation now.

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