British Airways: “Not so fast…”

Well, next stop was supposed to be Seattle but thanks to British Airways I am still around :-)

My flight from Newcastle to London was cancelled and as a result I have been stranded at Newcastle airport for the last 7 hours (all the other flights in between were fully booked). Of course I missed my connection flight to Seattle. British Airways tried to get me there via various other US cities but it was proving difficult. I have been so relaxed and in such an excellent mood in the last few days. So, I decided to tell the very nice lady who was helping me that I didn’t mind waiting until tomorrow’s flight. The problem, of course, was that I didn’t have anywhere to stay given that I vacated my flat today. So I am now flying down to London where BA will arrange a hotel for me.

I’ve had a long walk around Newcastle with my friend Phil Lord last night. The sky was beautiful, the city had a fantastic vibe, the Sage incredible (even more so from the inside). It was a great last night at Newcastle. The last few days in Newcastle have been great. The great folks (friends and colleagues) in Newcastle and the fantastic Microsoft relocation folks have made this entire experience so easy for me. I guess it’s also the anticipation for the move and the new beginning in a new country, new city, new job, new people and colleagues. That’s why I am in such high spirits these days and I guess the reason I was the only one who didn’t seem to mind when we were told about the flight cancellation :-) But then again, I am always like that :-)

Anyway, I will definitely be in Seattle very soon, even if I have to swim :-)

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