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September 2005

MVP Summit

For those of you who are at the MVP Summit this week here at Microsoft please note that unfortunately the “WS-Sushi 2” dinner may have to be postponed until next year. I’ve been away at HPTS so I couldn’t organise it for one of the previous days and from today

Back from HPTS

Wow! Was that a workshop or what? That’s how all technology/research/science meetings should be. It must have been the best workshop/conference I’ve attended so far.

What’s HPTS? It’s a group of scientists and industry people getting together and talking about stuff. HPTS likes databases, transaction processing, scalable systems,

Blog disclaimer coming

One thing I was planning to do as soon as I joined Microsoft, but haven’t got the chance to do so until now, is to write a disclaimer about my blog posts from now on. I am posting the disclaimer next as a separate post so I can link

The WS-* specifications

Great poster (via Stefan).

Our industry WS-* leaders, and all of us (Web and Web Services advocates together), should have a good look at this poster and perhaps take a moment to reflect… where did all go wrong? Why are there specs doing the same thing in a

MVP Summit next week

The 2005 MVP Global Summit is taking place next week (28 Sep – 1 Oct) here in Redmond. I know that some of you are going to be around and have already expressed an interest in getting together for dinner and/or drinks. So, how about you send me an

One week in Seattle

A week has already gone! And it has been fantastic apart from the jetlag from which I have only now recovered (other times I traveled to the west coast it wasn’t this bad).

Today (Sunday) the weather was excellent. I was walking around the city all day.

Few silly

I am blue (which means I got my MS ID)

Things are going great! The weather has been fantastic since I came (however, I am assured by those living here that it’s not always like this). The trip to/from work is very pleasant due to the fantastic landscape. I am still seriously jetlagged. Today I woke up at 6am (yesterday