The ACM Turing Lecture

Yesterday and after I posted the sort entry with my views on MEST vs REST, Simon, Aad, Einar, and I watched the live webcast of the ACM Turing Lecture. This year the award was given to Vinton G. Cerf and Robert Kahn for their work on TCP/IP. It was an interesting lecture in the form of a discussion. I was very pleased to find out that my views on identity/addressing/naming and the issues with the Web are very similar to theirs. Robert in particular talked about the need to preserve information, using persistent identities that can span technologies and be valid throughout the years. The latter was one of our arguments against OGSI (and WSRF) in our WS-GAF paper.

Robert Kahn has been working on a the Handle System for few years now. From a quick look, it appears to be a resolution service for content which is associated with a unique name. Looks interesting.

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