REST in Axis 2.0???

About Axis 2.0 again (via Mark Baker’s blog).

This page describes how “RESTful Web Services” are supported by Axis 2.0.

“REST is providing access to the resources through the two methods GET and POST. The REST Web services are reduced subset of the usual Web Service stack, and the Axis2 REST implementation assumes following properties.”

I really don’t understand what they mean by “REST implementation”. REST is an architectural style. REST is not implemented. REST tells us how to build a distributed application around resources using a set of rules. REST does not mean HTTP GET or PUT or POST or whatever. We can build systems which violate the principles of REST using HTTP GET and PUT or build RESTful applications without HTTP at all as I tried to demonstrate in my WS-Web post (The Web using SOAP:-) some time ago. I believe that it’s one thing for the API of a platform to help you if you want to build RESTful applications and a completely different to advocate that your platform implements REST. Perhaps it’s a wording thing. I don’t know.

I do hope Mark Baker and the rest ;-) of the RESTferians will correct me if I am wrong but it seems to me that “REST” is misunderstood and is becoming more of a tech buzzword rather than a principled approach to building distributed, resource-oriented systems.

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