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August 2005


I just noticed that Jim is going to be talking about MEST and SSDL. If you happen to be around Sydney on September 7, don’t miss this. Jim is an excellent speaker.

BTW, it’s time for the long-promised MEST paper. Jim and I decided to start the work on

Concurrency and distributed systems

(Back from an unplanned week of ‘working-holidays’ in Greece… had an excellent time)

It’s not news to Computing Science folks that in many cases concurrency and distributed computing face the same problems. Theoreticians may even say that the two domains do not differ from a modelling point of view and for

WSO2 – Sanjiva’s new company

Sanjiva has a new company: WSO2.

From the company’s frontpage: “We are creating an uncompromising middleware platform for Web services which treats Web services as first class components instead of as a facade to some existing platform like J2EE. Apache Axis2 is the first SOAP stack