On the road again!

Since yesterday I am on the road again. I spent most of my day at Manchester having some discussions with Dean Kuo (of Rules SSDL Protocol Framework fame) and catching up with Mark McKeown and Stephen Pickles. It was nice to see these guys again.

I am now at Manchester airport towards the end of my 12 hours wait for a flight to Greece where I am going for a week. After that it’s Barcelona again but this time for a week of holidays.

The discussion on SOAP/WS vs RPC continues and it’s getting even more interesting. I have some more thoughts on the subject which I will hopefully post tomorrow (after I have some sleep :-). In the meantime, Michi will be happy to know that my comments can now do paragraphs :-) (please, treat this change with caution and save your comment before posting it since I haven’t really tested the change).

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