Microsoft Architecture Journal: “Service-oriented, Distributed, High-Performance Computing”

Back from holidays today (the reason I haven’t been bloging) and started the task of cleaning up my mailbox. As I was going through my messages I saw that issue 5 of the Microsoft Architecture Journal has been published. This issue includes an article that Jim and I wrote months ago about “Service-oriented, Distributed, High-Performance Computing” (a.k.a. “Grid Computing”). You’ll notice some of our MEST thinking on declarative-, contract- and semantics-based distributed computing in there although the approach is not explicitly named.

As always, I am interested in your feedback.

(The quality of the figures in the online version and the formatting are not great; there is going to be a Computing Science Technical Report soon so a PDF version will be available.)

UPDATE: A version of the article with some more text and better formatting is now available as a Computing Science Technical Report CS-TR-922.