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July 2005

Dynasoar and Virtual Machines (part 1 – The concept and the architecture)

Here’s something fun I’ve been working on lately (relates to something I blogged about back in November 2004).


Dynasoar is a research effort within NEReSC to define a service-oriented architecture for the dynamic deployment and hosting of services on the Internet (or Grid for those of you

Web Services are RPC?

Continuing the exchange of comments with Michi Henning here are some more thoughts.

Michi argues that “WS is *RPC*, by definition” . This is a definition that I haven’t come across. I personally see a big difference between a request-response message exchange pattern and a Remote Procedure Call.

Michi Henning’s comment formatted

Here’s Michi’s comment to my last post with the formatting preserved:

Savas, my five cents worth, as usual…

> We are even starting seeing hardware products to help with XML processing.

Now, *that’s* really quite something. Translation: “The processing overheads of SOAP are so staggeringly high that the only

Thanks to everyone

Thanks to everyone for all the comments and the private emails. I am really looking forward to the job at Microsoft and the big change in my personal life. Interesting times ahead. I am going to continue to blog about some of the Grid-related things I am still doing for

Back from travelling

Just wanted to break my recent silence.

I am back from travelling. Glastonbury was FANTASTIC! Went to GGF 14 after that. I’ve been doing some interesting stuff with Virtual Server and Indigo while in Chicago. Expect a blog post soon.

Today I spent most of my time converting all my