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June 2005

MEST at the HPTS workshop

I recently got the invitation to participate at the prestigious HPTS workshop. My position paper was on MEST vs REST and our approach to building the future Internet-scale applications. I don’t know yet whether I’ll be asked to present these ideas by giving a talk but to actually be

Barcelona – a sad personal story

(If you are reading my blog just for the technical stuff, don’t read any further).

In all the years I’ve been travelling, I’ve never been so absent-minded and unlucky at the same time.

I arrived in Barcelona at 1.00am last night. Took a taxi from the airport as nothing

A brief note on contracts and XML-OO mapping

I am a supporter of using tools where appropriate and making the development experience as pleasant as possible. There has been lots of discussion on XML-OO mappings (Google is your friend if you want to find more) and this post adds to it.

I don’t have a problem

Referral spam – How annoying!

My weblog has been getting hundreds of spam referrals per day from poker and casino sites. I don’t know what prompted this but it just won’t stop. And to think that I hate gambling!!! Grrr!

Does anyone have an idea how to tell them to stop using their crawler

Web Services platforms – Comparisons?

Hey all. Our bioinformatics group has been using Axis 1.1 for some time now and they have been pushing it to its limits in terms of performance (i.e. size of messages it can handle and number of messages per second).

I have advised them to consider other Java (unfortunately they

StarBrowser3D in Avalon Beta 1 RC video

After few months of not really having touched Avalon, I spent sometime with it yesterday while on the train. I ported my StarBrowser3D to the latest bits. For a screenshot, links to previous posts, and information about the StarBrowser have a look at the “An updated view of

The journey continues…

My “Visiting MS” post signified a turn into how I had been treating my exploration of job opportunities with regards to blog posting. That post attempted to capture the great time I had while being interviewed by Don, Oliver, Chris, et al. at building 42. I also