WinFX Beta 1 RC (Indigo and Avalon)

I read today in the Indigo newsgroup that the Indigo and Avalon Beta 1 runtime is now available for download. This version will play nicely with the .NET version we get when VS.NET Beta 2 is installed. I successfully performed all the necessary uninstall/install steps and so now continue my tests with the latest bits. I am still waiting for the whole SDK but the runtime will do for now.

I immediately noticed few nice changes (e.g. I don’t remember the abstract LayeredChannelFactory and LayeredChannelListener classes being public… hurray! :-). I am going to revisit all my tests and see whether they can be done more easily now.

I am also waiting for my new Thinkpad T43p to be delivered in the next 10 days so I can continue with my Avalon 3D StarBrowser.

UPDATE: I got it wrong. The two classes I mentioned above are public but their constructors are declared as ‘internal’ and as a result they can’t be used :-(.