Our MIT SOC book chapter got accepted

Jim and I received good news about our submitted chapter to an upcoming MIT Press book on service-oriented computing. The feedback was very good.

The chapter, entitled “Realising Service-Oriented Architectures with Web Services”, focuses on architectural principles for building service-oriented systems and then moves on to discuss how Web Services technologies could be used according to these principles. This chapter was written before SSDL but still promotes the idea of building contracts for Web Services using the WSDL one-way message exchange patterns. It also promotes message-orientation not only as an architectural paradigm but also as an implementation one (i.e. explicit messaging and events). This is in contrast to the popular object-oriented approach for building Web Services that most of the tool vendors have adopted (i.e. classes for services and methods for operations).

I am looking forward to seeing these ideas being published, even though they represent our 2004 thinking :-)