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May 2005

On description languages, REST, the Web, MEST, SSDL, and ‘declarative distributed computing’

This is very interesting! The W3C has started a mailing list (subscribed) to discuss Web description formats.

Mark Nottingham is asking in his “Web Description at the W3C” post whether some Web Services folks are probably “seeing the light” about the Web. However, what if it is the other

Samples in the WinFX Beta 1 RC SDK

The WinFX Beta 1 RC SDK is now available (there is a link to the ISO further down the page). There are lots of samples for both Avalon and Indigo but you need to extract them manually. After I installed the SDK I found a number of directories with samples

Our MIT SOC book chapter got accepted

Jim and I received good news about our submitted chapter to an upcoming MIT Press book on service-oriented computing. The feedback was very good.

The chapter, entitled “Realising Service-Oriented Architectures with Web Services”, focuses on architectural principles for building service-oriented systems and then moves on to discuss how Web Services

Building a custom Indigo transport binding for dynamic endpoint resolution

After my holidays and my trip to Seattle I am now finally slowly catching up with email and blogs. So, I once again had a little bit of time to have some fun with Indigo.

(Expect more frequent posting from now on. Amongst other things, there has been

Visiting MS

I am at the Seattle Tacoma Airport waiting to get back to the UK. As I said in a previous post, I came to Seattle for a short visit. The reason?… An interview with Microsoft.

I’ve already mentioned that I was planning to move on from Newcastle

Holidays over, back in the UK

I am back in the UK. As I previously mentioned, I went to Greece for a couple of weeks of holidays. Unfortunately, as soon as I arrived there I had a big setback in my personal life:-( Family and friends were very supportive and they all helped in making