Just booked flights for two weeks of holidays and work in progress

I haven’t had proper holidays for a long long time. So, Wednesday I am going back to Greece to visit my family and travel a bit around to see friends in various cities. It may be a while after this visit until I get the opportunity to do this again. As a result, my blog may get a bit “silent” after Wednesday while I’ll be away.

I am planning to relax and catch up with my reading but knowing me, I will not totally get away from my laptop :-) I will probably continue with my pending writing tasks and may work on a couple of Indigo-based applications I have in mind. BTW… the reason I stopped posting stuff about Indigo is because I hit a wall with my protocol handler (the ListenerFactory part). I am now waiting for Kenny Wolf to post his promised next entry which is going to be related and I hope will help me overcome my current problems. Few of the things I have in mind:

  • Port my service-code-caching handler from WSE to Indigo (the way endpoints are treated should allow me to transparently implement the same functionality using Indigo behaviours);
  • Implement a couple of services as defined by the Dynasoar project… more about this and the great team of people involved soon;
  • Release the classes that help with the implementation of protocol handlers once the ListenerFactory part is fixed;
  • Write an Indigo behaviour that resolves endpoints. This would allow non-transport-specific endpoints to be used in the service logic. The responsibility for resolving such endpoints to something the underlying transport can understand will fall to the behaviour associated with the service at deployment time. It may also be the case that the endpoint will never have to be resolved to a transport-specific address, as per my P2P example in the WS-Addressing WG a couple of months ago. Finally, the behaviour could trap endpoint-related transport exceptions and attempt to deal with them transparently from the service logic.

(I also hope MS will release the Longhorn CTP before Wednesday so I can download it while still in the UK)