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April 2005

What does “WS-I compliance” mean?

Ever since we published our WS-GAF white paper criticizing OGSI, its object-oriented nature and how it (ab)used existing technologies (XML Schema and WSDL), there has been a lot of discussion in the Grid community about WS-I. You see, we’ve always advocated for Grid solutions to

Steve, Mark, and Stefan on REST/WS

The discussion on REST/WS is still very much alive. There is an interesting thread of comments in Steve Vinoski‘s “WS references” post.

Note the references to “ProcessThis”. I wouldn’t have made the link between “ProcessMessage/This” with protocol handlers or interceptors in the same way that REST doesn’t link the

SSDL Computing Science Technical Reports

The following SSDL-related documents are now available in the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Computing Science Technical Reports series:

  • CS-TR-898: An Introduction to the SOAP Service Description Language (PDF)
  • CS-TR-899: The SOAP Service Description Language (SSDL) (PDF)
  • CS-TR-900: MEP SSDL Protocol Framework (PDF

Remotely logging Indigo messages using Indigo

I had a couple of hours available while travelling by train to London the other day, so I decided to play with Indigo‘s message logging facility. Indigo does a great job of logging in/out SOAP messages to/from services. Check the TracingAndLogging sample that comes with the WinFX SDK

A generic class for implementing protocol handlers in Indigo

In my “Indigo adventures” post I showed how one could write a new channel which can be used to implement a WS-* protocol. After watching the Indigo SDR content, I still think this to be the recommended way of implementing an infrastructure protocol (even though I am still

Indigo adventures

Those interested in Indigo would have probably seen by now the many introductory posts on how to write services, use bindings, use output/input channels, service/message/data contracts, etc. The Indigo community is doing a fantastic job to provide examples of how to use Microsoft‘s new technology for distributed computing.