Technology fanaticism vs enthusiasm

In the past, I too have been responsible for fuelling OS and platform related arguments. However, for quite a few years now I realised that the choice of a tool is a personal matter. In the same way I don’t try to push to people my favourite programming language, IDE, OS, laptop, hardware vendor, bookstore, airline, wine, Indian cuisine dish, I would like people to stop telling me how bad my tools are, especially when compared to theirs.

I like using C#, Windows, VS.NET, Linux, and bash; I love the looks of Mac OS X; I look forward to Longhorn, Indigo, Avalon (and WinFS at some point). I like using my favourite tools and talk about my experiences with them but I am not a fanatic; I am a technology enthusiast. I always have an open mind about other approaches and product/tool offerings.

Tim Yang‘s pledge reminded me of the above. I fully support his views which apply to all communities and arguments (Windows vs Linux vs Mac OS, Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Opera vs Safari, Web Services vs REST, object-orientation vs resource-orientation vs service-orientation, etc.)!

UPDATE: Spelling of ‘cuisine’ corrected.