Off to Korea and writing plans

I am off to Seoul, Korea tomorrow for GGF 13. I am not particularly thrilled about it since the meetings have become more and more boring due to the politics and the uninteresting technical work that is taking place there. The Grid application domain folks decided to build a Web Services infrastructure (WS-RF) and base all of their high-level services on top of it (OGSA WG). There are some efforts/discussions to do something sensible but nothing specific yet or anything I can report. I’ll write about it when something concrete emerges.

The long flights should give me time to catch up with some sci-fi reading and also plan my next writing work. At the moment this is the list of things that are in the pipeline but need to be planned in terms of time:

  • MEST paper with Jim (has already started)
  • P2P and Web Services article with Ian, Andrew, and Jim (has already started)
  • SSDL paper with all the whitepaper authors
  • Service-Orientation vs Object-Orientation paper with Jim and Mark (and perhaps some more)
  • Another NIP paper with Paul (this has been in the TODO list for 4 years now :-(

There are also some thoughts with Jim about a follow on to “Why WSDL is not yet Another Object IDL” article that will discuss the benefits of SSDL compared to WSDL. We are also thinking, but have yet to decide, on a paper proposal for a prestigious workshop.

UPDATE: Added the P2P article which I had forgotten.