MyLifeBits video

I’ve known about the MyLifeBits work for some time now. We have even had brainstorming sessions here in Newcastle on how we can relate future research work on large-scale distributed systems with the excellent work that Gordon Bell and his team are doing. The project is presented in this Channel 9 video (first part). Worth watching.

It’s excellent visionary work like this and how ideas are fed into products that makes me want to work in a research environment like that of MSR.

The video also reminded me of one of the highlights of my career to date when I had the honour of visiting the MSR San Francisco lab, where the video was shot, in order to meet and discuss about SkyServer and White Dwarfs with Jim Gray and Alex Szalay. Sorry… I had to brag :-)

A future video on Channel 9 will be about Jim Gray‘s work. I will link to it when it’s released.