“Architecting and Developing Message-Oriented Web Services” WWW2005 Tutorial

May is fast approaching and Jim and I have been starting thinking about the details of our WWW2005 tutorial on architecting and developing message-oriented Web Services. In the original proposal we had suggested that we were going to use WSE 2.0 for the discussion but now that the Avalon/Indigo March CTP is available to everyone, we are considering switching to the new stuff. The technology doesn’t really matter since we are going to mainly talk about one-way messages, contracts, and complex message exchange patterns. We just thought that the Indigo approach to contracts would add to the fun. What do you all think?

Also, not many contacted me about the possibility of arranging a geek/bloggers dinner while in Chiba. So, I am asking again :-) and, please, help spread the word. (I may have to contact Robert Scoble to help advertise this :-)

We are waiting for you in Chiba. This is going to be lots of fun.