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March 2005

WS-Web (The Web using SOAP:-)

Just joking… I haven’t come up with yet another specification. While travelling to Seoul, however, I was thinking about the on going discussion on REST vs SOAP. This is my small contribution to this discussion: An implementation of the ‘Web’ using SOAP :-)

Background reading

Lately the REST

MyLifeBits video

I’ve known about the MyLifeBits work for some time now. We have even had brainstorming sessions here in Newcastle on how we can relate future research work on large-scale distributed systems with the excellent work that Gordon Bell and his team are doing. The project is presented in this Channel

Off to Korea and writing plans

I am off to Seoul, Korea tomorrow for GGF 13. I am not particularly thrilled about it since the meetings have become more and more boring due to the politics and the uninteresting technical work that is taking place there. The Grid application domain folks decided to build

Implementation of WS-Transfer

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend Marty about WS-Transfer and the fact that we weren’t aware of any implementations out there. So, I challenged myself to write one in 30 mins using WSE. Well… it didn’t take 30 mins but a couple of hours because of a

WinFS to be ported to WinXP?

That’d be cool. The article is questioning whether there would be value in upgrading to Longhorn if all of its pillars are available for Windows XP. I speculate that Microsoft will be first offering consumers an intensive to upgrade by offering a new user experience (Aero,

Technology fanaticism vs enthusiasm

In the past, I too have been responsible for fuelling OS and platform related arguments. However, for quite a few years now I realised that the choice of a tool is a personal matter. In the same way I don’t try to push to people my favourite programming language,