Indigo information is starting to appear. Here’s an article-introduction to Indigo on MSDN by David Chappell, a “Hello world” post by Clemens Vasters, Christian is threatening to say more (can’t wait:-), Steve is going over the same argument of OO using angle brackets (keep it up Steve, I am with you), and a keynote from VSLive! is available for everyone to watch.

Tim Ewald starts the exchange of posts/ideas on Indigo by disagreeing with Clemens“Bad Habits to Give up: Staring at Angle Brackets”. Of course I am with Tim on this.

The simple Indigo examples which have started appearing use the class/method abstraction as a way to design and implement services. I am eager to see the message-oriented aspects of Indigo and how they can be used. I can’t wait to get my hands on the CTP next month.

I am sure that more and more articles and blog posts will start appearing. Should be fun.