Clemens spends a weekend with Indigo

Clemens discusses some aspects of Indigo in a three-part post (part 1, part 2, and part 3). It’s very interesting.

Part 3 is of particular interest to me. Since I haven’t played with Indigo yet (waiting for Microsoft to release the next CTP, sometime this month) I read with great interest Clemens‘ example on how one could create and implement a ‘duplex contract’. To those of us behind MEST and SSDL these are the types of contracts we think are of value to service-oriented applications. SSDL is a great way of declaratively describing a contract like the one Clemens implements. The tools will then automatically create the code that Clemens writes by hand. In addition, the interactions will be checked for liveness, correctness, etc.

Can’t wait for Indigo so I can port ssdl.exe to it.