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February 2005

Alpha version of ssdl.exe available

I spent some time today on SSDL.exe so I can make it available through This is a very alpha version, so please be advised… you’ll probably get exceptions here and there :-)

Given an SSDL contract document, ssdl.exe will validate it against one of the four protocol

WSE Policy Advisor

Last week the folks at MSR released a tool, the WSE Policy Advisor, for analysing WS-SecurityPolicy documents. Others have blogged about it but I too wanted to say how cool this tool is. I run it against a very old policy file I had written by hand for the

Endpoints in SSDL and SSDL in the news

This post by Jean-Jacques over at suggests that SSDL couples a contract with Web Service endpoints. We’ve thought about this issue and this is the reason we’ve decided to make endpoints optional. A contract is still a contract even if there are no endpoints. The endpoints may be

MEST on hold until our rejected paper is re-written/expanded

There are two reasons why I have stopped trying to defend MEST after this week’s many excellent discussions and great comments in the blogosphere (many thanks to all):

  1. Until we have something on paper, as Chris suggested (thanks for the offer btw to give feedback; we’ll take up on