The roles of services in service-orientated applications

I am back in Newcastle. The CoreGRID WP3 meeting in Pisa was not what I was expecting but the workshop in Crete turned out relatively ok (for the first in a series that is). There were a couple of interesting talks.

There I met Ian Taylor in person (I knew about his work), one of the invited speakers, who is doing work on Web Services and P2P. I enjoyed his talk. It was good to hear someone else suggesting to the community that Web Services should not be used to implement applications according to the client-server model (I blogged about this in the past… post 1, post 2). Later I talked to Ian and we agreed on many aspects of service-orientation and how Web Services technologies should be applied. I also told him about our latest ideas in the service description area and he seemed interested. We even agreed to write a paper together on WS and P2P and perhaps apply our current work in this context. This is going to be cool.

BTW… my talk went short of ok. I enjoyed it but I did leave with the feeling (again!) that people didn’t understand what I was on about (perhaps I am not explaining my arguments in the best possible way). I did get some good feedback though.

I am currently very busy writing the documents so we can release them to you all and let you know of some cool ideas (well… at least I think they are cool :-)

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