“Interesting and useful MEPs”

There has been more reaction on the ongoing discussion I mentioned in my last entry. Gudge is preparing a reply and Chris has some very interesting comments. However, I am choosing to highlight the following paragraph from Chrisentry for a different reason…

“The message exchange pattern (MEP) is just that; a pattern. The fact that many, if not most, people use SOAP in conjunction with a request/response MEP doesn’t preclude SOAP being used in the context of other, possibly more interesting and useful, MEPs.” (Chris Ferris, “None of the above”)

Me thinks… Wouldn’t it be really nice if we had a Web Services description language to capture these “interesting and useful MEPs” for SOAP message transfers? A vocabulary that didn’t promote request-response as the most interesting MEP but, instead, allowed us to describe complicated interactions? Just a thought ;-)

Only few days now! :-)