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January 2005

Explaining MEST

Steve in his “Gudge, Mark, app protocols, and transport independence” post continues the very interesting discussion with Mark and Gudge. Mark mentioned MEST in his “Gudge responds to the wsa:To issue” post and so Steve asks for clarification on what MEST is all about. So, here it goes…

MEST paper rejected :-(

Our first attempt for a MEST paper was rejected. This is not very bad since we got some useful feedback and really encouraging comments from the two out of three referees, who also suggested that the paper be accepted. The third reviewer not only rejected the paper but did

I absolutely agree…

… with Steve‘s comments about how the W3C TAG shouldn’t mandate a direct correlation between the wsa:To property and the underlying transport/application protocol-specific address. This would be similar to saying that every time I want to pay with my credit card by giving my credit card number, I have

Problems with pblog

I would like to apologise to those experiencing problems with <savas:blog/>. It seems that due to the extra load on my small server there are some problems which I am trying to identify. It’s very likely that I will also have to implement some server-side caching. I’ve never thought

Another addition to my WSE 3.0 wish list

Update: Title corrected.

A couple of months ago, I posted an item for the WSE 3.0 wish list. Here’s another one…

While working on one of the tools that we are going to present in a week or so, I needed to do the following but unfortunately WSE 2.0

Protocol integration!

The CoreGRID WP3 meeting in Pisa, Italy was not the success I was hoping it to be (at least for me since I am the only one disagreeing with the direction… the other partners seemed reasonably happy).

It seems to me (I guess I am always a sceptic) that yet