Architectural simplicity is our friend when we are aiming for scalability

If the Web has taught us anything is that simplicity in the design is our friend when we want to achieve scalability. That’s the approach we are advocating with MEST and that’s what we have been saying to the Grid community who is introducing things like OGSI and WS-RF into the picture.

I remembered the issue of architectural complexity again after reading this in a recent entry from Werner Vogels.

“The lone voice that somewhat resonated with my ideas was Greg Papadopoulos, Sun’s CTO, he was on the final panel together with Carl Kesselman from the Grid Forum and Larry Peterson from Princeton who leads the PlanetLab effort. Greg rightly observed that both the other panel members are pushing for more and more complex technologies, without any guarantees that these will result in systems that can function better at large scale in the real world, or even solve relevant problems in terms of real scale.”
(Vogels, From Worlds to Vegas)