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December 2004

A BackgroundWorker for Avalon

I saw a post at the winfx.avalon newsgroup about the lack of support for a BackgroundWorker in Avalon (at least for v1.0). Since I need something like this for calling the Web Services asynchronously and then updating the Graphical User Interface, I just created a very simple one.


Avalon and a 3D Star Browser

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been experimenting with Avalon. As a toy application, I am developing a 3D star browser for our galaxy. The idea is to get the information for the stars from one of the scientific archives (SDSS or SSA) and display it

Comparing S-O and O-O as design principles and not as implementation technologies

Michi Henning
made some very interesting comments on my “Loose-coupling through the relaxation of endpoint assumptions” post. Before going into the specifics of Michi‘s comments, please allow me to emphasize that nothing from what I have been arguing is about CORBA or DCOM or any other distributed objects

Michi Henning comments on my “Loose-coupling through the relaxation of endpoint assumptions” post

Michi Henning had some comments on my “Loose-coupling through the relaxation of endpoint assumptions” entry but pblog had trouble accepting them due to an ASP.NET safeguard (not accepting XML elements in a textbox from HTTP POST). I will fix this and will also allow formatting for comments so that

Loose-coupling through the relaxation of endpoint assumptions

In a meeting yesterday here in Newcastle, few of us (Santosh Shrivastava, Paul Watson, Mark Little, Stuart Wheater, Simon Woodman, and I) got together to discuss/understand the differences (if any) and similarities between service-orientation and object-orientation. You may notice that some of the people involved are

My first Avalon application

And here’s the reason I wanted to have support for posting pictures on my blog… I wanted to brag about my first Avalon 3D application (completely written in XAML).

As I mentioned before, I want to move the 3D visualisation of the White Dwarfs application to Avalon. So, I

Architectural simplicity is our friend when we are aiming for scalability

If the Web has taught us anything is that simplicity in the design is our friend when we want to achieve scalability. That’s the approach we are advocating with MEST and that’s what we have been saying to the Grid community who is introducing things like OGSI and WS-RF