Adding to Aaron’s WSE wish list

Aaron Skonnard posted his WSE 3.0 wish list. I meant to add to his list more than a week ago but didn’t get the chance.

I will agree with Aaron’s and other people’s requests and I would like to add one of my own…

Currently, if you change the addressing information of a SoapEnvelope while in the filter pipeline, that addressing information is not used to create the transport channel. Ok, granted. You may want to include WS-Addressing headers in the envelope that do not reflect the transport actually used for the transfer but we should at least have a way to change the transport addressing stuff from within the filter pipeline. Perhaps a TransportContext.Current.Addressing class or something similar? Perhaps this is already supported and I have missed it. I wonder how/if this is done in Indigo.

Otherwise, the more WS-* protocols supported, the better.

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