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November 2004

I find myself agreeing with Steve on this

In addition to defining addressing-related information headers for SOAP messages, WS-Addressing introduces the concept of an EndpointReference (EPR) which is used as the means of capturing the addressing-related information of a service endpoint. I don’t see why an EPR couldn’t be of the form:


<!- Protocol-specific addresses ->


A paper on “When Database Systems Meet the Grid”

“To our knowledge, most of the data-intensive applications that run on the Grid today focus on moving hundreds of thousands of files from the storage archives to the thousands of computing nodes.”

The above quote is from [1] which is written by the team that has given us

Avalon/WinFX for WinXP Pro

Yupeeeeee!!! Last week I installed the WinHEC 2004 build of Longhorn (Client Preview 2) on a Virtual PC because I wanted to start playing with Avalon and Indigo again. The 1GB of memory on my laptop and the number of applications I usually run make life difficult performance-wise but today

Mark Little is blogging

It was about time. Mark Little is blogging (subscribed). Expect great stuff here.

Mark is Mr. Transactions guy and only few others around the world have his knowledge on CORBA. He was my manager during my HP Arjuna Labs days when we developed the first transactions system for