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October 2004

On wsa:action

While reading the 3rd part of the factored WS-Addressing spec, it occurred to me that the discussion on how to associate wsa:action headers with messages in WSDL operations or how to implicitly generate them could be simplified by having just a uniform action for all SOAP messages:


Spot the difference

I just spotted the “spot the difference challenge” (sorry Mark)…

I’ll bite. What’s the difference? I don’t personally see one. The ProcessMessage “operation” is all about processing of messages. It’s all about an agent sending a message to another agent for processing. The introduction of this logical operation into

Building blocks of architectural paradigms

Since the publication of WS-Transfer, the discussion on REST vs WS has been intensified. Just google the terms and you’ll find lots of commentary.

I would like to start this entry by just saying that comparing REST and Web Services technologies is like comparing apples and oranges. One

What makes a SOAP document a message

Mark Baker
comments on Steve Maine‘s “Web Services Kernel” post and says:

“A SOAP envelope is not a SOAP message, and pretending otherwise turns a perfectly good document wrapper into a perfectly crappy application protocol.”

Hmmm… I think Mark makes a good point but I also

Jim’s article on “Why WSDL works”

I haven’t been bloging lately. I’ve been coding like crazy my WhiteDwarfs application. I’ll try to release something within the week. I’ve also been collecting some thoughts on resources vs services vs objects that I am going to blog about soon.

In the meantime here’s a reference to Jim

Back home from a knee operation

Yesterday I had an operation on my knee. Everything went fine. Just got back home. Now some serious physiotherapy for few months.

Hopefully, I will be able to ski again next year :-)