My “start menu” profile

Jim asks about “start menu” profiles. Here’s mine:

WindowsXP SP2: VS.NET 2005 Beta 1, VS.NET 2003, Word 2003, Outlook, Outlook Express (for the Monad newsgroup), Remote Desktop Connection, Powerpoint (!), Visio, Notepad, Cygwin, Internet Exlporer.

My “All Programs” is organised into these folders (I like it organised and hierarchal rather than flat):

  • Development (VS.NET *, WSE *, Java *, SQL 2005 Beta 2, etc.)
  • Utilities (Mono, Winzip, Winrar, Newsgator, ConferenceXP, Firefox, IsoBuster)
  • Microsoft Office (All office programs)
  • Media (Windows Media Player 10, Real, iTunes)
  • DTP (Dreamweaver MX 2004, Adobe Acrobat, Ghostview, Photoshop)
  • AccessIBM (thinkpad stuff)
  • Accessories (Windows stuff)


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