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September 2004

Tim Ewald on WS operations

Tim Ewald
suggests that Web Services only have 4 simple operations (input, output, input/output, output/input). I think that Tim really gets it but I would have to disagree with this particular comment since I don’t see these as operations; I see them as message exchange patterns.

There is only one


I always wanted to have a sidebar on my desktop which aggregates information and allows various actions to be just one click away. I know Linux users had sidebars for sometime but I never found one for WindowsXP I was happy with. I even started a VS.NET project to

“Streaming messages” in Web Services

As part of my involvement in the activities of the Grid community, I’ve heard many times about yet another requirement that is “specific” to the Grid and requires special infrastructure and new toolkits: streaming. It is true that there is no WS-* specification I am aware of that

WS-Transfer: I must be missing something (and I feel lonely)

It must be me… I can’t explain it otherwise. I must have the wrong understanding.

First, it was the Grid community with OGSI and their non-standard-based, object-oriented approach to building Grid Services, then it was WS-RF with their resource-oriented view of the world and their state lifetime management, and


For those doing work in the area of scientific data analysis in the context of Web Services/Grid, WAGSSDA is an interesting workshop to which you should consider sending your work.

Arrived in Shanghai

I just arrived in Shanghai. For part of my journey from the airport (which is impressive) to my hotel I used Shanghai’s Maglev (non-contact Magnetic Elevation and propulsion). I didn’t know there was such a thing here before I arrived and now I know that it’s supposed to be

Nemerle for .NET

Nemerle seems like a cool language. When we worked on the NIP runtime, Paul and I always assumed that a functional + objects programming language would be used by programmers to target it. Nemerle seems like a good candidate for demonstrating the benefits of NIP, if any :-)


Off travelling again

I am off to Shanghai, China, to present a paper at IEEE SCC04 that Jim and I wrote few months ago. The paper is called “Assessing the Risk and Value of Adopting Emerging and Unstable Web Services Specifications” and a version of it is available as a Computing Science Technical