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August 2004

Resources vs services as the building blocks in architectures & where are the consumers?

In the post where I almost announced my move to the REST camp (Mark, thanks for the membership card, I hope you get well soon :-), I talked about services and messages as the only building blocks for building distributed applications according to the principles of

I am not against CORBA or Object-orientation

Mark Little and I exchanged comments, which you may find interesting, on my last entry. We continued the exchange over instant messaging. Mark’s understanding of distributed computing technologies is great. My discussion with him made me realise that some of my views may have been misunderstood. So, please

Notes on service-orientation and currest state of WS-* specs, or… I think I am going to join the REST of them

Where is the Web Services world going to? I originally thought (wished) that Web Services technologies would be governed by the principles of service-orientation. I thought we were trying to realise an architecture where the focus was the service and the messages being exchanged, where policies and contracts allowed

Downtime warning!

There is going to be a complete power down over the weekend in our machine room to allow for some essential electrical work to take place. Power may be restored as early as Saturday or as late as Monday morning (UK time). As a result, Jim‘s and my blogs/sites