Travelling never stops

It seems that I am constantly on the road, which is cool because I like travelling and meeting people.

I just got back from two days in Brighton, UK, where I attended the JISCJoint Programmes Meeting. JISC funds half of our WS-GAF project (effectively they pay half of Jim‘s salary) so we were asked to present a poster summarising our progress so far.

Tomorrow I am going to attend the UK Workshop on Grid Security Practice. I am looking forward to this event. I am curious as to what the Grid security experts have in mind and how (if) they are planning to use the Web Services security related specs.

Following that, I am flying to Los Angeles for a workshop at Caltech. I have been invited to talk about our work on how to use Web Services in building Grid applications at the “Workshop on Service Composition for Data Exploration in the Virtual Observatory”. I will spend a week there. Wil and I will also work together on some SkyServer WS security related code with WSE 2.0. I am really looking forward to that. It should be fun.