Please everyone, repeat after me… there are NO OBJECTS in service-orientation

At least there are no objects that we can see. Objects may be used in an implementation of a service but there are no objects in the architecture (either remote or local). In a post that seems to miss this point, Sean Landis talks about “SOAs – Separating Hype from Reality”. Here’s a quote from his post…

“Web Services breaks one of the key doctrines identified in the classic “Note on Distributed Computing”: Local vs. remote objects. The argument made by Waldo, Wolrath, et. al., is that there is a fundamental difference between local and remote objects and any distributed system that attempts to hide that difference is fundamentally flawed.”

As I said, there are NO OBJECTS and hence there is no need to hide the difference between remote and local.

I agree with his comments on Grid computing though :-)

(link via Stefan’s blog).

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