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July 2004

Time for a break

Hey everyone… It’s time for a break. I am going to switch off completely for 7 days, so no blogging. Santorini is our destination. I’ve already been there twice but that was 13 and 12 years ago :-) It’s such a great place!

See you in a week!

Please everyone, repeat after me… there are NO OBJECTS in service-orientation

At least there are no objects that we can see. Objects may be used in an implementation of a service but there are no objects in the architecture (either remote or local). In a post that seems to miss this point, Sean Landis talks about “SOAs – Separating Hype

Services… are they the evolution of components? And… “stateless” vs “stateful” again.

In a previous post I mentioned Jim‘s thoughts on the transition from objects, to components, and now services. His post generated some interesting comments and an entry in Stefan‘s blog. Stefan wrote that

…a component has a contract not only with the outside world, but also

Jim, REST, Resources, and Services

Those who know Jim and me well always wonder how we can possible work together and produce interesting work since we seem to constantly argue and disagree on things… from who’s the uglier of the two (I usually let him win on this one :-), on all things technology related.

Love the message campaign

Service-orientation is all about services!!! :-) Services communicate through the exchange of messages. Hence, messages are important and the focus should be on their structure and their role into message exchange patterns. Service orientation promotes encapsulation, promotes boundary preservation. We shouldn’t allow details specific to our administrative domain to